How we make them


Everything starts from the analysis of the fashion trends and a thorough creative research. We sketch numerous styles and forms that lead to an initial idea of the shoe we want to craft. Once we have chosen the final design, we transform the required style lines onto the form by hand.


This phase consists of cutting the leather in different pieces. During this process, each and every single pattern piece is made of fiberboard which acts as a template for the skilled hand of the cutter. The pattern pieces are realized from the style lines drawn on the form. The manual skill of the craftsman has a decisive role for the result of a high quality shoe.


This part of the process involves the sewing and assembly of the various pieces and components that were cut previously: the upper is sewed to the lining and the different reinforcements (toe-tip and heel for example) are inserted to provide greater support to the shoe. The female artisans are the real protagonists of the delicate task of edging.


This is where the shoe finally comes to life. All the components are brought together on the assembly line with a combination of hand and machine-assisted operations to create a unique and high-quality product. Our guiding principles in the assembly phase are: attention to detail, symmetry and final fit. Under the careful eye of our craftsmen, and with the use of sophisticated machinery, strict controls are carried out to ensure a perfect result.


During the final phase, a craftsman cleans the shoe inside and outside: the accessories and all the details are examined with careful scrutiny to ensure that the product is perfect.

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Scarpe Artigianali Fratelli Rossi
Scarpe da Uomo Finite Fatte a Mano


From the beginning, we have chosen to use only hand-made leather from Italy and of the highest quality. We start with a very precise idea of the materials we need to make our shoes - and then we continue with the search for the best leathers that tanneries offer in Italy.

Diversa Colorazione di Pellami per la Realizzazione delle Calzature Fratelli Rossi


The artisans we have selected over the years work tanned leathers according to the most ancient traditions and thanks to these techniques, we can guarantee a soft product that lasts over time.

The materials play a fundamental role in the quality of a shoe, but it is not enough: it must be associated with a skillful hand-made process that can enhance its qualities and guarantee its correct treatment.

All our products are processed scrupulously to give the leather the appearance and the special features that only refined and curated fashion items have.


1. Tanning

This process allows the hide to preserve all its natural characteristics over time.

2. Dyeing

The dyeing is carried out in drums to improve the aesthetic and commercial characteristics of the leather by giving it not just the desired colour, but also the softness, elasticity and fullness required for each product.

3. Finishing

The final part of the process includes operations designed to protect the surface of the leather, while maintaining the most natural possible appearance, in order to obtain the desired look and physical characteristics, and to guarantee that they last over time.

Prodotti Finiti Lavorati a Mano da Esperti Artigiani Italiani

Just by holding the finished product you can appreciate the quality of the workmanship and the softness of the leather. Fratelli Rossi shoes are mainly produced with high quality calf leather. The different calfskin skins that we also use are: suede, nubuck, hammered, laminated and luxurious abrasives. We select precious skins of the highest quality to provide customers with an original and unmistakably luxurious shoe.


Calzatura Fratelli Rossi 1956

- Fratelli Rossi '56 -

The dedication and the entrepreneurial spirit, the know-how of four generations in the made in Italy artisan footwear industry, and fifty years of "work culture", are the strength of the Fratelli Rossi brand and are the reason for its ability to compete in the global market, offering a wide range of products for both men and women.

Disegno su Forma di una Scarpa da Donna Fratelli Rossi
Taglio della Pelle di Vitello Pieno Fiore per Realizzare la Tomaia

Thanks to the innovative strategy adopted, which consists in simplifying the distribution, without any intermediary, and communicating the product directly to the consumer, our company has succeeded in bringing to market a luxury product accessible to everyone.

Over the years we have selected the best craftsmen who are able to perform the complex manual operations to complete a single product. Every detail of our shoes tells the story of craftsmanship in Italy and the passion for the art of footwear.

Tintura della Suola in Cuoio di una Calzatura Fratelli Rossi

In addition to the Fratelli Rossi retail store, today we are also online and we want to make the shopping experience of shoes easier and more unique. On this website you can order your Fratelli Rossi shoes - made with love and passion in Italy.